Monday, June 26, 2017

The Next 10 Years of AIM Global!

Have you heard about the exciting future of AIM Global on its next 10 years? The Visionary President and CEO of AIM Global, Doc Ed Cabantog announced his vision and the future of AIM Global in the next 10 years journey.

AIM Global has reached 11 YEARS of existence with lots of achievement, recognitions, and awards.
Now that AIM Global is starting a BIG journey for its next 10 years, the owners have BIG plans for the company and the distributors as well.

The Next 10 Years of AIM Global

AIM Global Will Have:
1. AIM UNIVERSITY – AIM Global will have a university that will professionalize Network Marketing and Direct Selling that is open for AIM Global distributors and non-distributors.
2. AIM REAL ESTATE/AIM VILLAGE – Distributors will definitely benefit when AIM Global already enters the real estate. AIM Global has millions of distributors worldwide that can enjoy the binary and commission points of every sale! Do you want to live in AIM Village? Be with AIM Global in the next 10 years!

3. AIM HOTEL – AIM Global distributors can enjoy the luxury in its own AIM Global hotel. The convenience and the amenities with lower rates for AIM Global members.  Can you see the future?

4. AIM FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES – AIM Franchise will come up to the freshly brewed version of Liven Coffee. Liven has already built a brand for many years and there are already customers who love Liven coffee and they are the BIG potential customers.

If you are am existing member of AIM Global, make sure you are still doing AIM Global by the time that AIM Global is on its 20th year! AIM Global has the most aggressive expansion in many countries. In the next 10 years, can you see how BIG your market is?
What if in the next 10 years you have group built in Africa, Asia, Europe and US? What will you be doing that time?
What if you stopped? What will you be doing in the next 10 years if not in AIM Global.
How will you afford to reach your dream without AIM Global.
Be with the best!
Be with AIM Global in the next 10 years!